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At Technoset we apply a very practical approach. Quality Assurance is everyone's business and getting it right first time is our primary aim. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is a process based making it simple to access and easy to navigate.

We employ the use of visual tools where possible, choosing flow maps and diagrams over passages of text. The outcome is a user friendly system which touches all aspects of our business using only 9 core processes.

The QMS is constantly monitored by independent audit and is regularly updated to reflect changes as process improvements are implemented. The same practical approach is taken regarding Quality Control.

As a make to print organisation we manufacture components to customer specification, the drawing is 'king' and our aim is to remove the need for creative interpretation. An operator or inspector should be in no doubt if a feature is conforming or non-conforming and should have confidence in their measurement systems.

Should we find an error we apply a rigorous Root Cause methodology, and if required some simple statistical analysis. The target is process capability which is monitored by a handful of standard metrics keeping the focus on Quality, Cost and Delivery performance. The last softer measure is responsiveness to our customer requirements, how quickly we respond to issues is what sets us apart.

November 2015: Technoset launch two internal initiatives

October 2015: Technoset secure Business Improvement Funding

March 2015: Technoset / CWAF presentation with OGP and other suppliers

February 2015: Technoset at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show