Technoset is a precision engineering company based in Rugby. We specialise in the one-hit manufacture of ultra high precision turned and milled components. By fully utilising our latest fixed and sliding head CNC machines with up to 13 axes, driven tooling and full turning and milling capabilities, we are able to offer a high degree of flexibility to our customers.

Our secondary operations include:-
Grinding - Burnishing - Milling - Watchmakers Lathes, Ultrasonic and Conventional Washing and Cleaning equipment.

We offer complete management over subcontract services such as Heat Treatment and Plating Processes.



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November 2015: Technoset launch two internal initiatives

October 2015: Technoset secure Business Improvement Funding

March 2015: Technoset / CWAF presentation with OGP and other suppliers

February 2015: Technoset at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show